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Quality Assessment (QA)
FarmaSino has build up a strict quality assurance system is accordance with standards of GMP and ISO9001. We have established all kinds of documentation such as the manual, management procedures, technical standards, SOPs and so on.
QA department is mainly in charge of GMP management works, monitoring, guiding and coordinating the GMP implementation of every department, and do internal audit and follow-up correction activities. QA department also be responsible for draft, review and revised the production and management documents, and check the production records before finished products are final issue and decide the distribution of finished products; make evaluation and qualification audit for our suppliers and establish the excellent files system for suppliers.

QA department are full responsible for information feedback of product quality, strictly and effectively control and manage the returned and unqualified products; promptly handle with the complaints and do effective communications. And during the manufacturing process, we monitor and follow every stage and carry out the management of the traceability system to strictly control our product quality. And we period organize all employees training to improve all employees’ quality philosophy.

Quality Control (QC)
QC Department mainly has final analysis centers, 3 on-line analysis labs, and an instrumental analysis room. A chemical analysis room, an IR analysis room, a balance room, a dying room and a retention sample room. There are well-designed analysis and advanced analysis apparatus in QC Dept.
FarmaSino have the following instruments; HPLC,GC-MS, IR, UV, Spectropolarimeter, Electronic balance, Automatic Potentiometer titrator, Dew point monitor, Digital melting point determinator, constant temperature and humidity chambers and stability study testing ovens. Quality Analysis staffs in our company carry out the analysis of R&D and final product in line with quality control protocols. In accordance with our company standard requirements and closely connecting the synthesis process, we attend to establish and optimize the analysis methods of in-process control and finished-product.
Not only establishing quality standards of new product, but also making the improvement of the existed quality standards, and timely combine with market requirements. We always do our best to offer reliable and accurate test results to control product quality effectively.
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